3 stars and sun tattoo - Tattoowise

01.26.11 more tattoo photos..

sun moon stars tattoos

more tattoo photos..
Celestial Tattoo Photo by Sherrie

tattoo stars sun moon

Photo by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions.com
Memorial Tattoo Design Sketch Received a phone

sun moon and stars tattoos

Received a phone call from a friend who is looking to get a memorial tattoo and aksed me to sketch out some designs for her to take to her tattoo artist. Incorporating the letter "c" with elements/symbols representing the sun, the moon and stars. Here's my Saturday morning thumbnail sketch for the concept...
Josefina / 3 Stars and a Sun Black Widow Shop

philippines sun and stars tattoo

Black Widow Shop Tattooed by Martin
Lynda's First Tattoo First and only

tatoos of sun moon stars

First and only so far. She got a bumper sticker and it looks great.
[163] High on Diesel and Gasoline * please listen

the sun and the moon with stars tattoos

* please listen * decluttr FLASHFLOOD (tm) STUDIOS | www | twitter | facebook | (c) 2010 - all rights reserved | strobist Canon 480EX bare, on floor in front of model pointed at body. 1/2 Power Trigger: lightlink photoshop brushes Scully ScreenVision
Tattoo Mt Tat on

stars sun and moon tattoos

Mt Tat on my lower back...
East Texas Sharks Teeth 7/25/11 Angelina County. Brandys other teeth.

native sun tattoos

Brandys other teeth.