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Machine work 2008 Machine work. 2008

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Machine work. 2008 at Durga Tattoo - Jakarta, Indonesia.
Seraphim Shock, "Black Heart Revival" Album Release Show Seraphim Shock, "Black

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Seraphim Shock, "Black Heart Revival" Album Release Show @ Bar Sinister, Hollywood, CA, June 26, 2010
DR. SKETCHY'S LA Dr. Sketchy's California

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Dr. Sketchy's California Institute of Abnormal Arts, Feb 22nd, 2010 Los Angeles "Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was established in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple. The original New York enterprise has since spawned over sixty branches internationally. Dr. Sketchy’s unprecedented combination of exquisite models and exciting showmanship has allowed the concept to evolve beyond its humble beginnings as a quirky artists’ get-together to become what it is today… a whole bunch of quirky artists’ get-togethers."
Detalle ala Las estrellas y

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Las estrellas y las alas las he hecho con moldes, mi nuevo vicio, pero los originales los he esculpido yo^^, todo arcilla polimérica por supuesto! Stars and wings are made from molds, but i sculpted the originals^^, all polymer clay of course!
Corazón con alas R&R Tatuajes by

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R&R Tatuajes by Renato C/ Alemania, 61 0034 - 828014095 0034 - 625169034 / 677387766 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Bajo el sol 27 Fotógrafa: Viviana Álvarez

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Fotógrafa: Viviana Álvarez Modelo: Rocío Suárez Galán
Malia Lample @ HIN 2011 Hot Import Nights

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Hot Import Nights 12/3/2011 Los Angeles Convention Center Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-70 Speedlight SB-600
28-03-09_Crawled "Crawled Out of

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"Crawled Out of the Sea" - Laura Marling
Hanging out on the Couch It was a

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It was a hot day. So I took my clothes off and took a pic because I was bored