Amor eterno kanji - Tattoowise

Kanji curado Este es un

tattoo kanji amor

Este es un ejemplo de como se le puede dar un poco más de vidilla al que, en su inicio, iba a ser un sencillo kanji
"Ai" Japanese Kanji Tattoo.

kanji amor

Japanese Kanji Tattoo. It means "Love".
Caio Cover up. Desenho

japanese kanji tattoo style

Cover up. Desenho exclusivo, tattoo em progresso.
Optimus Prime symbols 2 & 3 (hi-res) Taken straight from

kanji tattos symbols

Taken straight from the Transformers movie posters at the movie theater because I felt like having a hi resolution close up of these symbols. BTW, can anyone please tell me what these mean, that is if they have a meaning.
Respect - SP (213) Beto Vilela: Email/Msn/Orkut:

paz e amor tatoo

Beto Vilela: Email/Msn/Orkut: / 21 8636-5513 Cobertura fotográfica RESPECT VIII - Dias 13 e 14 de março de 2010.
bienvenido... tirando de laminas

tatuagem eterno

tirando de laminas viejas
Con Sebas mi sobrinito de

tattoo mi amor

mi sobrinito de corazón.
Tattoo 29 tattooed Mar 7,

love kanji tattoo

tattooed Mar 7, 2008 by Peter Jung(ACE Tattoo) 668 E. Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10457 (917)364-8133
OCTOPUS sleeve tattoo OCTOPUS
sleeve tattoo

fanatic tattoo

kanji tribal tiger

OCTOPUS sleeve tattoo fanatic tattoo yokohama , JAPAN KARYU-BONTEN
Dragon Lady of the Cherry Blossoms tattoo work in progress....kanji

flower kanji tattoo

work in progress....kanji done last session, second session today we added a nice flow of cherry blossoms, color for the blossoms next session in a few weeks...
 December 1, 2007

kanji of the day

December 1, 2007
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