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Heaven & Hell Start It's been a

Heaven & Hell Start

It's been a week since i had the line work done on the top half of my leg. It's healed up nicely, and i figured time to get a pic done. view large You can see the Angel & the Devil of the heaven and hell motif nicely. I really Love the Skull above the knee, with the eye ball and horn on the hell side and the sealed over socket on the heaven side, like One Eyed Willie from The Goonies. Canon 30D Strobist info: 580ex2 to right of camera a stop above 16th power into a shoot through brolly trigged by Pocket Wizzards reflector to the left of leg.

Photo by: PedroKid

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The underground world uses tattoos to show membership of gangs. These are called Criminal Tattoos.

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