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EMPATHICS, Acrylic on wood panel, 10 x 10" (25.4 cm. X 25.4 cm.) November 2008, Los angeles This painting, (and 3 others) will be shown and sold at this years "ART BASEL MIAMI" in Miami Florida December 4 - 7, ( ) If you are interested in the purchase of this piece, please e-m to This painting illustrates some of my fancies about human communication in a higher age of human evolution. I dream of communicating "empathically" through technological enhancements to our abilities. Empathy is superior to telepathy, and certainly to verbal language. It is to communicate with emotion. This would be a grand language! There would be little chance of misunderstanding. I've been reading about "Transhumanisum" … "A term often used as a synonym for "human enhancement". Also known as "Posthumanisum". It is an international, intellectua

Photo by: rsconnett

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