Arm tree branch tattoo - Tattoowise

2nd to last sleeve sitting finished All that is

arm sleeve tattoo tree

All that is left to do is the background shading, which will be done Jan. 31st!
bird & cherry blossom tattoo 2 weeks on,

bird branch arm tattoo

2 weeks on, and its all healed
IMG_1151 Mike's tattoo

tattoo tree roots arm

Mike's tattoo
Finished Ginkgo biloba branch tattoo ... maybe I intentionally had

branch arm tattoo

I intentionally had him leave the area between the two parts as just linework, and once it heals, I'll see what I think. I may have him shade it and then transition the color into it. We'll see! by Cesar @ Medusa Tattoo, Ithaca, NY
Tree and bird background Session 1

arm tree tattoo

Session 1
Finished Product Started and finished

owl on a tree branch tattoo

Started and finished in one sitting, she's a legend!!
Birds & Blossoms Henna Design By

arm tree tattoo designs

Henna Design By Ponnie Matin
Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo! Cherry Blossom Tree

cherry blossom tree tattoo arm

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on my left arm, as a scar cover-up.
New tattoo free handed by

full arm tattoo tree

free handed by John Crawford. this came out even better than i couldve imagined
Graphite For Your Life a new close-up,

arm tree tattoos

a new close-up, tinted a bit. t-shirt available HERE portfolio:
cherry blossom 10-42 marker drawn design,

blossom tree branch tattoo

marker drawn design, you'll notice an older tattoo that i went around with the bracnh on her back

arm tattoo tree

Tree Tattoo Based on an

arm tattoo tree life

Based on an illustration by Tim Burton.
Meghan's fresh ink Done by my

tattoo tree arm or shoulder

Done by my peeps at Uptown Tattoo . Dang, I'm jonesing to go back myself.
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