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♫ Uhm Jung Hwa "Inside the rhythm, I feel beautiful ... Surrounded by happiness, I feel wonderful .." [??] ♥ retro
Tattoo Tots buttons Amiable Anchor, Sanguine

skull and ribbon tattoo

Amiable Anchor, Sanguine Skull, and Hastened Heart...see profile for details...
Corsets and Ribbons Commission. The owner

corset ribbon tattoo

Commission. The owner asked something feminine matching a red vinyl corset.
holden's tattoo So last xmas

autism tattoo gallery

So last xmas i've been building up the courage, and the dosh to get my first ever tattoo! Now some might wonder what the big thing is about getting one but for me, well.. i have a phobia of needles, i have NO pain level whatsoever that you could call easy to put up with, i mean, i'm the girl that get's a paper cut and i'm dyin! so finally i'd the cash, finally ran out of excuses and finally found a tattoo shop that i felt comfortable with. So yesterday was the big day. went down, got sorted and explained what i was after. As most people on here, facebook and whoever know me, will know my son is autisic, so for my first tattoo i wanted to dedicate it to him. I got the autism awareness ribbon and the flag because i'm a winner! I've got the most loving, careing, smart and funny little boy in the world. (ok, so i'm biased but i'm allowed to be) he gives me great joy, he teaches ME something new everyday, I'm learning HIS world and how to adapt ours to suit his needs and i love hearing
part II The bottom part

ribbon drawing tattoo

The bottom part of the sleeve. Not finished but my favorite bird of the three.
 Las maquetas de

photoshop tattoo ribbon

Las maquetas de los primeros planos para el trabajo de producción de moda
Picture 003 my new tattoo

autism tattoo images

my new tattoo for autism
 Mi nuevo tatuaje,

back ribbon bow tattoo

Mi nuevo tatuaje, El parche me dejó manchada, creo que me dolió mas sacarlo que el tatuaje mismo xD
149/365 My amazing new

tattoo roses with ribbon

My amazing new tattoo :D by Valerie Vargas @ Frith street tattoo
 This is for

arm ribbon tattoos

This is for my sister and nephew.