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The latest addition... It's kind of

awesome wrist tats

It's kind of scabby and gross right meow. But aaaanyway, cherry blossoms... Femininity, transience of life. Four flowers (one for each of my real and step-parents) and six petals (one for each of my siblings).
FH000021 self-portrait w/ manual

awesome wrist tattoo

self-portrait w/ manual film camera while getting a tattoo done. Awesome. Nikon FE2 18mm F2.8 AF-D Nikkor Fuji Superia 800
Russo at work home tatttoing by

circle tattoos wrist

home tatttoing by mexican tattoo artist 'russo' / naualli ñuu savi
Star k Adding the reds...

red star tattoo wrist

Adding the reds...
Key Tattoo

key wrist tattoo
HTC EVO #1 Taken with my

awesome face black white

Taken with my evo :) check out my htc evo set on the side.
Hardcore Brighton. January 2011.

font tattoo wrist

Brighton. January 2011.
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