Baby feet and angel wings - Tattoowise

Baby on a Star This was fun

baby angel wings tattoo

This was fun . I was asked to do a drawing for a tattoo . This was done in pencil ( 4b) then inked with Pigma Markers ( 005 - 08 )

angel wings tattoo for women with halo
Angels and Demons Back piece Tattoo first sitting A tattoo by

angel and demon tattoo wings

A tattoo by Ray Wewerka at the Flaming Art Tattoo studio, Crayford in Kent UK. Apologies for the large watermark, I'd rather display my images without, but, this is an attempt to stop other studios using my work and claiming it as their own.
Angel Wings Tattoo - 1 Angel Wings Tattoo

raw angel wings tattoos

Angel Wings Tattoo - 1
Tattoo Stencil Outline (1) Not something that

outline of angel wings

Not something that is easy to gain access to unless you are having a tattoo!! Seeing as my son was being tattoed on the kitchen table, i took the opportunity :-)
Lost Babies Represent the loss

angel wings halo tattoo

Represent the loss of our 3 children - Located on my husband's right forearm (art work by Skully) Tattoos are personal and should not be copied. Please be original. Thank you.