Back of ear tattoos

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Just me. This is what

Just me.

This is what my slept on hair and makeup looks like after a 4-hour burlesque troupe rehearsal! Brought to you by my cellphone! Sorry for the bad quality photo, but I though it was cute!

Photo by: Vera Voodoo

Juliah said 8 years ago:
your mad beautiful, you remind me of a body mod version of a pinup girl :) your hair is amazing..
Stephanie said 8 years ago:
Gorgeous. I wish I could rock purple like you do.
Lauren said 8 years ago:
I love your cheek piercings and hair and tattoo's ! very very cute.
Vera Voodoo said 8 years ago:
Aww, I didn't even know this was here! Thanks, you're so sweet! :-) xoxo
Notyours said 7 years ago:

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Lower back tattoos have become more and more accepted throughout recent years. Want to have one too?

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