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I'm a sucker for tree tattoos DO NOT COPY

I'm a sucker for tree tattoos

DO NOT COPY as a tattoo for yourself! That is a SHITTY thing to do. I don't know who this was, but nice ink! Taken with Matt 's camera. Stumptown Comics Fest 2007 Portland, OR

Photo by: Erika Moen

Pixie said 1 decade ago:
I was just browsing tat pages and found this one. It's a beautiful tattoo and lovely work. But I was just wondering about the "Do not copy" issue. I've seen this tat concept on several different people where I live so it's not like it's that off the wall people couldn't come up with it themselves. It goes into the whole tree of life, death, and love concept. =) Just thought I'd mention it. Not to mention I think I've even seen a similar tattoo in a guys shop on the wall of pics to look through, so if someone "copied" that way it wouldn't really be their fault lol. I just kinda thought the do not copy message probably should've been with a more original concept (not bad mouthing or anything just saying). Beautiful work though!

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