Bird flying out of a cage tattoo - Tattoowise

my first tattoo finishing it in

bird from cage tattoo

finishing it in two weeks when it heals
365 Self Portraits: Day 18 - So, I caught a bird. Yeah. He's yellow.

bird in cage tattoo

Yeah. He's yellow. And he talks to me. .... but not really. I got this nifty bird cage today, and since I was unable to take the original shot I had planned for today (which I will be doing tomorrow now) I decided to incorporate my new cage. I didn't have any fake birds, so I borrowed my nieces Big Bird :) Oh and I dyed my hair red, in case you can't tell. My boyfriend, who originally had begged me to do brown, now talked me into redoing red. -_- I love it though. But soon it'll fade, I'm sure.
De vogel is gaan vliegen Kooitje Mooi is

tattoo of bird in cage

Kooitje Mooi is een kooitje Met een kanarie erin Heel mooi ook een kooitje Met een parkiet erin Met een merel erin, met een kolibri erin, Een slavink erin, een bos wortelen erin, Blokjes marmer erin, een glas water erin Maar het mooiste is eigenlijk Een kooitje met niets erin Cees Buddingh
new tattoo(s) The stitched butterfly

tattoo bird flying

The stitched butterfly is in honor of my grandmothers. They both quilt (and the design is from a quilt my Grandma Jefferson did) The blue bird is for my mom. She is a seamstress as well so the bird is stitched together and happy, just like my mom is and she tries to brighten everyone's day too.
14 days later I've had my

tattoo bird cage

I've had my tattoo for 2 weeks now and it looks great now. it's almost completely healed =D
Tattoo Another photo of

bird in a cage tattoo

Another photo of the tattoo done by Shaun Morrison at White Lotus in Fredericton, NB.
DSC_0703 new tattoo!

flying bird tattoos

new tattoo!
Turkey morning on the

sunset with a bird tattoo

morning on the lake
phoenix_tribal_026_wip1 Still not sure

phoenix bird art tribal

Still not sure what I'm going to do in the wings.