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new piercings, old ink Got my crows'

cage and birds tattoo

Got my crows' feet done about a week and a half ago. They're a bit irritated because I kept sleeping on either side of my face haha, but I'm taking better care of them now. Spring is here. Summer's hot on its tracks; I know it. That means more tattoos! ...well, one more. I have to stop at some point.
 My friend Kacey

two flying birds tattoo

My friend Kacey has a cool tattoo. © Chelsey Fulbright
birdcage-cu close-up of cage.

tattoo of birds flying

close-up of cage.
cara mia xo Photography by Jeff

birds flying tattoo

Photography by Jeff Mawer 09082238 Lighting Info: WL1600 in softbox on camera right
Fly away Another from florida.


birds flying up side tattoo

Another from florida. I really like this. It might turn into a series with no real aspiration.
fullarm full left arm

flying birds

full left arm (kinda). everything is new except "vegan". right arm has more birds, with one carrying the key that set these birdies free.
Crow Tattoo Design Commissioned by xlungex

birds flying up back tattoo

Commissioned by xlungex . The smaller stylized birds might need to be shifted about when actually positioned on the body in order to create a more flattering design. . . As it is, I probably spent too much time agonizing over where to put them in the first place. The original piece is covered in whiteout. Hopefully it's not too far off from what Erin envisioned.
birdcage those birds on

tattoo flying birds

those birds on the left are a little slow... :o/
Tommy photo courtesy Birds

fly birds tattoos gallery

photo courtesy Birds Fly Productions