Black and white flower tattoos - Tattoowise

 Nikon D700 |

black white flower tattoos

Nikon D700 | Zeiss Distagon ZF T* 35mm f/2 |
Bayb_T Looking Back Strobist Info: Westcott

black and white flower tattoo

Strobist Info: Westcott TD5 Spiderlite camera R (2/3 power) and L (full power) with softboxes. Model: Bayb_T Photographer: Sarah Baker - MM#669133
Lotus Flower - IMGP3693 White Lotus Flower

black and white lotus flower tattoo

White Lotus Flower and the leaf: Low Key. ID: IMGP3693
02/21/09: My Tatto Design! My original tattoo

black and white flower tattoo design

My original tattoo design :)
She Rocks!!! Model: Serena Project:

black and white flower tattoos photo gallery

Model: Serena Project: TRACCE D'INCHIOSTRO
Lotus Flower -- White Lotus Flower: White

black white lotus flower tattoo

Lotus Flower: White in Black and White... ID: IMG_0462-bw For the best results, please view on black background by clicking on this link.... Tkanks
 each flower is

tattoos black and white flower

each flower is the birth flower of her husband & children. more coming soon.
Lotus Flower Bud - IMG_0371 lotus Flower Bud

tattoo black and white lotus flower

lotus Flower Bud (buds) For the best visual effect, please view on black
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