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Sesión Tatuaje 01 Bueno hoy ha

tattoo black and white designs

Bueno hoy ha tocado nuevo tatuaje, dos horas de acupuntura de la buena que han dado para unas cuantas fotos. Más adelante pondré fotos de como ha quedado, hasta entonces Top Secret. Gracias a Arturo Rodríguez por las fotos.
Cover Up #4 - After

black and white frog

black and white frog tattoo
Autumn Contest entry~ yAy!

black and white tattoo designs

Contest entry~ yAy! [Sassy Kitty Designs] Spiders Lover Dress - .HoD. - "The Path To Forgiveness" Necklace Other things used~ *~*Illusions*~* Long Stem Rose *~*Illusions*~* Silk Blindfold - Angel's Sanctuary- Fetish Wings *Black* [ MW ilweran ] Elven / Elf / Fairy Ears Cold Wind Magika- B&W Pack- Wild The Plastik- Lionheart Skin in Myth- Raven TART Bound Platform Boots @_@... Think that's everything.. Hope you like~
Model: Jainey (MM #2214502) Model: Jainey
Shoot: Ohh

beautiful photoshoot in black and white tattoo

Model: Jainey Shoot: Ohh Foxy Lady To see more, visit Jainey's gallery by DVJ Photo
Day of the Dead Ceramic Owl Hand painted on

hearts black and white tattoos

Hand painted on ceramic bisque then fired to make permanent. I tattoo owls.
slumber party 632 Models: r3dh3ad, Jaine

stunning black and white tattoos

Models: r3dh3ad, Jaine Shoot: Slumber Party To see more, visit The Slumber Party gallery by DVJ Photo
surface stranger walking by

black white street tattoo

stranger walking by me on georgsstrasse hannover.