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My frist butterfly tattoo. My frist butterfly

purple and black butterfly tattoos

My frist butterfly tattoo. And Hell did it hurt.. and I still need to color it..
 rocknroll queen Photo by Hanja

black butterfly tattoos

Photo by Hanja
Mum,Butterflys and Girly Swirly  Tattoo Paulo Madeira Tattoo

black grey butterfly tattoo

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer Ouch Tattoos 122 High Street Brentford Middlesex TW8 8AT 02085608957
Shopping in Aruba!! In Aruba and

gallery girl butt

In Aruba and shot from the hip!!
Ela Pasion @ Import Showcase 2012 Import Showcase 2012

butterfly tattoo in butt

Import Showcase 2012 by Import Fashion Torrance, CA 2/12/2012 Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-70 Speedlight SB-600
Lilly and Jasmine flowers, butterflies and hummingbird custom tattoo Miguel Angel Custom

tattoo butterfly black and grey

Miguel Angel Custom Tattoo Artist London United Kingdom 00 44 7501 845 139 (Mobile)
Sign Painter 3 A young woman

tattoo girl on butt

A young woman paints signage on a building in downtown Bellingham, Washington. She was very engrossed in her work, with the help of her iPod. I'm pretty sure she never even noticed me as I moved around her snapping shots, and even moved in close for a few.
_DSC8835_sw Maria

2xSB-800 with umbrellas,

black nice girl

Maria 2xSB-800 with umbrellas, controlled by SU-800 on D200
Sunny Drive Messing around. I

black butterfly tattoo foot or tattoo top of foot

Messing around. I wasn't as unhappy as I look :]
Feeling Cheeky ~ Day 73 As soon as

butt tattoo of butterfly

As soon as I finished class today, I ran a few errands. When I got home I had to walk through the snow mound to make it to my front door. I came in and found the house a mess. I cleaned and did dishes and finished just in time to go grab a bite to eat with my family and my best friend's family. By the time we got home...this was about all I could muster up. Yeah...that's pretty much my butt cheeks. Feel free to skip this one all together. Someone here on flickr, did a drawing of this photo. If you'd like to see it, you can find it here: Sean's drawing
tattoo The first picture

tattoo butt girl

The first picture I took for my black and white class, and the first picture I ever printed. Somehow, I don't think is what the proffessor was looking for. I dropped that class.