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T-shirt_Design_Template_64 Selfish life

bleeding heart

Selfish life
Fisher Body I remember reading

tattoo bleeding heart

I remember reading last year that my hometown of Flint, Michigan was the "most tattooed city in the United States", but this is probably the closest I'll ever come to getting inked. ;)
60/365 2/8/11 Foot Tat.

flower candle heart tattoos

2/8/11 Foot Tat. and high heels! my newest heels by the way :)
Heart Cover up, I'll

flower and heart tattoos

Cover up, I'll get a before picture up soon.
Beneath The Skin (WIP) 113 The last piece

skull and heart tattoo ring

The last piece in the series is a bowl, based on the original drawings. The bowl with a skull in the middle. The drips are shibuichi 25/75 and the bowl inner is shakudo. The outside of the bowl is sterling silver and 50/50 shibuichi. The skull is fine silver.
IMG_2723.jpg Left shoulder, just

flower gallery tattoos lilies

Left shoulder, just outline.
Big Fish 3/3/12 Aquarium London old street female love

heart friend tattoo

female love