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Tattoo Mom's name, in

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Mom's name, in her handwriting, copied from a scan of the wedding book from her marriage to my dad in 1969.
An Upcoming Tattoo I've decided to

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I've decided to get my first tattoo, and since I'm going for it, I'm going all-out (to me, at least). This is my first rough design, and it's based aroud our Family Crest, with the critical inclusions being the red lion, the boar's head, the fleurs-de-lis, the 3 green, five-leafed Potentilla rose plants, the iris, and the motto "Juncta arma decori," which means "arms united to glory." The numbers at the top are the birth years of my Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, me, and then my wife. I'll be making an appoinmet with one of the artists at High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, CA -- but I haven't decided which one yet. I'm also deciding where, exactly, I'll get it -- but I'm leaning toward all around my right shoulder or right, upper shoulder/back area. We'll see...
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Got a new tattoo today.
A Vapid Transit (left leg) This

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(left leg) This reminds me of my sister and brother. Of free life. Of good life. Of independence. Of the pursuit of finding the never ending life to our dreams. Inspiration (right leg) This reminds me of my mom and dad. Of struggle. Of sacrifices. Of time. Of anything really significant that made me what I am today. Original photo of Mr. Ashi Fachler . Done by Opao Yanson . First Ink p*ksh*t emo. hihi
Love these two : ) My niece and

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My niece and nephew at Wrightsville Beach.
Brotha & Sista Layla Biana &

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Layla Biana & Matheus Biana during short movie filming