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The Other Side of the Tunnel Six Flags Great

The Other Side of the Tunnel

Six Flags Great Adventure I don't usually post these type of photos, yet here is the second in a row.That is because it is the flip side, quite literally, of the first photo. The first, called "Tunnel Vision", shows what can happen when a scantily clad woman enters one's field of vision. This photo shows yet another example. These are meant to be a commentary on the viewer, and more importantly, on the person being viewed. It is not just the clothes, but the way she "posed". I doubt she minds being viewed like this. In fact, it's probably her intent. Needless to say, this looks best a bit bigger. Don't mind the Photoshop jagged edges. That was used just to add the motion blur. Otherwise, the photo is as shot.

Photo by: chaim zvi

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