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Rough sketch of my new tattoo! Done by Sascha

Rough sketch of my new tattoo!

Done by Sascha Sevic of Dragon Tattoo in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He also did the tattoo on my lower leg. The camera on my phone is pretty crappy and the lens is damaged, so this is the best I can do... pictures of the actual tattoo will be made with a better camera, I promise! Anyway, it's a dog an dragon fighting, in Celtic style and it will be placed on the front side of my upper leg. More stuff will be added, among others on the knee (ouch!) and back of my leg, so my entire leg will be covered. First session is Saturday December 13th. BTW, if you are wondering about the size... its 4 A4 size sheets we're looking at here.

Photo by: Harm1985

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