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115/365 07-07-08 Got my tattoo

purple celtic knot tattoo

Got my tattoo coloured in today!! I love it! It hurts like crazy, but its all good, it looks wonderful (or it will once it stops bleeding lol) Thanks to Nato from Nato's Ink in albany for doing the art and all the work! ETA: This isn't the completed project, I couldn't get a decent picture of the completed one so Ill just wait till it heals...
Celtic Trinity Knot. <b>2010.</b>
I turned eighteen

celtic knot tatoos

2010. I turned eighteen this past thursday & got my tattoo yesterday!
Joey's tattoos The Celtic Knot

celtic knot tattoos

The Celtic Knot again. (Photo was cropped to get a better composition)
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celtic knot dragon

Celtic Dragon Head Inked at Southside

celtic knot dragon tattoo

Inked at Southside Tattoo, Glasgow (left calf)
Tattoo001 My first tattoo.

celtic knot four

My first tattoo.
New Tattoo This is my

celtic knot shamrock tattoos

This is my new tatto as of 4/30/2008 The tattoo is a shamrock made out of celtic knots. Artist was Carlos Vega
365/14 The other side of Trubble "The Other Side

celtic knot

"The Other Side of Trubble" So...i had to think a long time before putting this one up. It's just so personal. It is part of me though and i didn't think the project would be complete without a pic of it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a pic of your own lower back??? ok, maybe i forgot who i was asking...lol. So, I had NO idea how hard it was until today. This is my only tat. I got it a couple of years ago and have not regretted it for even a nano-second, i love it. It's a bit of Celtic knot work called "Girly Bits". it's really only ever seen in public when i go to the beach...and then i always go with family and pray i don't run into anyone i know (not because the tat but because im wearing a bathing suit...) At work i often hear these referred to as "Tramp Stamps" ...and i've seen the reasons why. At first when i would hear it, it would sting for awhile...then i th
celtic wedding knot tattoo This is the

celtic knot tattoos gallery

This is the design I did for my wife. It now sits on her lower back. Unfortunately, the guy she went to couldn't do clean line work so it is all filled in black. I wasn't there or I would have suggested she wait for someone who could do it right.
Ireland Tattoo HIM's ancestry is

celtic knot clover

HIM's ancestry is Irish. We checked at the Historical Society just to be sure. Wouldn't that have been funny if he'd turned out to be Scottish instead?!