Celtic stag - Tattoowise

Drummer Man Jamesie of Albannach

celtic music tattoo

Jamesie of Albannach @ the 2012 Celtic Fling in Manheim, PA
Day 6 white tattoo! Yes it looks

celtic tattoos triskele

Yes it looks yellow and gross but it's finally peeling and I can see the underlying soft tattooed skin :) I can't wait to see it
Smile... Cory my Sweetie

raven celtic tattoo

Cory my Sweetie before the pain
The artist at work. Julie @ Arsenic

celtic raven tattoo

Julie @ Arsenic Fashions Boutique & and Tattoo Parlor www.arsenicfashions.com/
scottish stag done by john

tattoos stag

done by john at bizarre ink 36 westport edinburgh
IMG_5362 JP se diverte

tattoo celta celtic

JP se diverte
Al Barr of the Dropkick Murphys Al Barr of

tattoo celtic colorado

Al Barr of the Dropkick Murphys Fillmore, Denver, CO 20110301
Yes it hurts... and I'm pissy Taken by estheru22

celtic tattoo raven

Taken by estheru22
It's either J-Lo or... Richard strikes his

tattoo of a stag

Richard strikes his diva pose. If you zoom right in you can the tattoo Simon chose for him. Possible Not Safe For Work for various reasons!
celtic fighting dogs Picture that Robin's

tattoo celtic dog

Picture that Robin's Tattoo is based on