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 my Celtic tattoo

celtic symbol tattoo

my Celtic tattoo
Celtic cross tattoo This Celtic cross

celtic symbol tattoos

This Celtic cross tattoo image is a artwork in black. This is a symbol of christianism. The culture is prevalent among the Irish people to wear this tattoo. This image is a symbol of religion.
Day 23 - Gold From Asprin Monday. October 13,

celtic female tattoos

Monday. October 13, 2008. "Don't apoloize, weather forecaster, we're aware of out-of-the-blue shifts in air Currents" -Rose Rosberg I thoroughly enjoy two wild fires so close to home. I think natural disasters get me a little frisky.
Tatuaze Doda tattoo Tatuaze Doda tattoo.

celtic rose symbol

Tatuaze Doda tattoo. Please visit Tatuaze Dody Galeria zdjęć
done My wicked new

celtic spiral tatoo

My wicked new tattoo by FireKat!
274/365; (12) my piping pal.

female celtic tattoos

my piping pal. arguably the worst bagpiper who ever murdered the flower o' scotland. i do realise my flickr reads like a scottish tourism catalogue right now, but bear with me. and forgive my copy and paste job on the descriptions.. i had a truly marvellous day out with my papabear - we drove around some scottish mountains and stopped to take pictures along the way. the weather was sublime; a day long mix of roasting sunshine, mist, rain, hail and snow. (!!) also please forgive the poor quality of these files for now, my pro account expired and i can only upload so many MBs at a time, :( - hence my delay in getting these recent photos up! i'm uploading daily on my facebook page if you wanna join me over there, i'd love to hear from anyone following my work :)
New tattoo Cristiano (In the

celtic spiral tattoo

Cristiano (In the Shadows, Porto Alegre) busy with my shoulder. NUNCA TE ESQUECEREMOS!