Celtic treble clef - Tattoowise

. das Lied von

black treble clef tattoo

das Lied von meines Geschichte hat unter meinem Haut geschrieben
nuevo excuse the sucky

tatoos of the treble clef

excuse the sucky quality of the photo. it's all the mobile phone cameras fault.
clef custom metallic green

treble clef tattoo foot

custom metallic green treble clef placed on christian's foot
gimme some treble for those of

treble clef tattoo piano

for those of you still wondering why on earth i have these tattoo's... i do actually play the piano!
my first! still a little

treble clef tattoo side

still a little red round the edges... less than a day old, but i love them!
Addition to a previous tattoo The treble clef

tattoo with stars and treble clef

The treble clef was my first tattoo. The Led Zeppelin Icarus was my second. Why not combine the two? The final look took 4 and 1/2 hours (not including the time on the previous two tattoos.) I still need to go back and get more red added.
some new ink! July 11 -

design treble clef

July 11 - 12, 2009 - New Orleans, LA - One of my newest additions (I also got the symbol for the bass clef on my other wrist)
Lucy's New Tattoo Uploaded with Darkslide

treble and bass clef foot tattoo

Uploaded with Darkslide .
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