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right after Skin so angry!

tattoo bike chain

Skin so angry!
No Color Model: Katia, MM#189635

chain of flower tattoo

Model: Katia, MM#189635 Photographer: Sean, MM#684173 Strobist: One Vivitar 285HV thru white umbrella camera right @ 1/4 (1/2?), one Vivitar 283 bare @ 1/32 far camera left. Trigged by eBay triggers. Mad props to Sarah and Drew for their work as light stands, and of course to Katia for showing her colors.
Louse Louse // Wilmington,

hip chain tattoo

Louse // Wilmington, DE
ah the bath... my feet...just chillin

feet tattoo chain

my feet...just chillin
Chainring Tattoo Chainring Tattoo

bike chain tatto

Chainring Tattoo
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flower chain tattoo

Diseño para un tatuaje que nadie se haría
businessman with tattoo fasten necktie businessman with tattoo

chain ring tattoo

businessman with tattoo fasten necktie