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right after Skin so angry!

tattoo bike chain

Skin so angry!
No Color Model: Katia, MM#189635

chain of flower tattoo

Model: Katia, MM#189635 Photographer: Sean, MM#684173 Strobist: One Vivitar 285HV thru white umbrella camera right @ 1/4 (1/2?), one Vivitar 283 bare @ 1/32 far camera left. Trigged by eBay triggers. Mad props to Sarah and Drew for their work as light stands, and of course to Katia for showing her colors.
Louse Louse // Wilmington,

hip chain tattoo

Louse // Wilmington, DE
Disenio 2 Diseño para un

flower chain tattoo

Diseño para un tatuaje que nadie se haría
businessman with tattoo fasten necktie businessman with tattoo

chain ring tattoo

businessman with tattoo fasten necktie
ah the bath... my feet...just chillin

feet tattoo chain

my feet...just chillin
Chainring Tattoo Chainring Tattoo

bike chain tatto

Chainring Tattoo
18/52: Timshel New tattoo. Inked

chain wrist tattoo

New tattoo. Inked by Forevermore in Glasgow.