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By popular demand here is a close up of one of my tattoos. I walked up the hill for tacos and got totally sun burned this week. I don't know what I was thinking. Hopefully this won't fade my work out too much. My artist is going to be pissed. And I go see him tomorrow to get more work done on my legs. I'm sure those will show up in the next 7Days. I really enjoyed it again, looking forward to the next one. If any of y'all are interested I have a Shot-That-Day group that you are welcome to join. One shot per day, must have been taken that day. Check it out: See y'all in three months (if not sooner)
footed I rehabbed a

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I rehabbed a great horned owl today at the MRP and she footed me through two layers of shirt when I was trying to catch her. Imagine what that would have looked like if it had been bare skin! (Three spots above and one below and to the right = an owl foot.) I have to say that her placement was too perfect - it's like she was grabbing my owl tattoo (which is on the inside of my left forearm)!
CAMERON Photo #49 //

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Photo #49 // View On Black Really really love this photo,and the colors in it.Took me a while to get him in a good spot,and a natural looking pose."I can't hold this pose for too long,you know." He makes a good model,but a little impatient haha.All worth it though for this. // El Mirage,Az
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Thanks, Wal Mart
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Illustration of an abstract gothic star in a tattoo style