Cloud tattoo on chest - Tattoowise

Maroen @ Amsterdam Spotlight, light up

mitch chest piece

Spotlight, light up the space
"Damaged" Tattoo I know that

chest to arm tattoo design

I know that some people think that the "see-thru" tattoo design is played out, but I have a legitimate reason for choosing this design idea and location. :-) Several years ago I had a work injury which eventually required surgery. Fusing two of my vertebrae together, removing a couple discs, adding cadaver bone, etc. Despite the surgery being a success, I still experienced nerve damage which has left that shoulder essentially useless and always in pain. Unfortunately internal injuries like that are a blessing and a curse. The "curse" part is because nobody knows how broken I really am in that area, so everyone thinks that I'm fine. This disability has affected my life in more ways than you can imagine, so I guess I just wanted something on the outside that shows how I feel on the inside. So I opted for the see-thru design with torn / stressed muscles and a cracked collar bone underneath. Thanks for reading. ;-)
Carrie & Donna Models: <a href=""

strong chest tattoos

Models: Donna Tella Von & Carrie Hair and Makeup by Muzz edwardrobert I'd like opinions not awards and invites.
Luna Sangre SB-800 @ 1/2

chest tattoos on a female

SB-800 @ 1/2 power thru 60x60cm softbox, right of camera 4ft from subject. Cactus V5s triggered.
DH-02 Aussie male model

tatts across chest

Aussie male model D Herde.. Melbourne Victoria
Wholly Holy Series Graphic This is a

cloud around cross tattoo

This is a design I created, with some help from Jonathan Culp, for a series at Fellowship Church called Wholly Holy. This are was used for everything from stage design, countdowns, background art, clothing, opening animation and more.
Manchester_44992 Model: Manchester Naturtal

arm to chest sleeve tattoo

Model: Manchester Naturtal light from the doorway to the right.