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so, ive got jakes day old footprints on my back and well, Dylan is 15months now so i thougt it only fair i got something sorted for him too. I've been carrying this tibetan script around for nearly ten years after travelling in Northern India meeting a few tibetans in exhile (the Dali Llama amongst others - i never get to name drop so im doing so now!). So i was given this script by a tibetan monk we shared a train carriage with. my surname is Stone and this script says 'Precious stone' (or 'an annoying western hippy' - I'm only guessing he was true to his word - he was a monk, they dont tell fibs do they?) so, i got it tattoed across the inside of my right wrist yesterday. Jo(my wife) wasn't too impressed, but she went mental with the footprints so i shouldnt be surprised. i love it - and if i go for a job interview, i wear a watch! the clingfilm is in order to persuade my skin
Day 1 - Breathe - Krystal and Patrick The wrists belong

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The wrists belong to my friends Krystal and Patrick. Their tattoos say breathe in Tibetan. Krystal was in a bad car accident awhile back and her friend kept telling her to just breathe as they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive. When she and Patrick got together there was a lot of drama and hard times surrounding their relationship and they kept telling each other to just breathe. Krystal says that breathing is life and they are living theirs to the fullest together.
Aphrodite Slim Typeface / HypeForType Fonts Available at HypeForType:

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Available at HypeForType: Aphrodite Slim Pro is not just a lighter version of its sister Aphrodite Pro. Aphrodite Slim Pro has duplicated the quantity of characters of its partner, and that means more than 500 new glyphs, reaching a total of more than 1000. More delicate and meticulous, Aphrodite Slim Pro is once more a new typography with deep calligraphic ideals: We immersed ourselves into the world of each calligraphy ductus and each calligraphy masters by studying from decoration to lettering books. This was the key for the logic of Aphrodite Slim's behavior.
"Joshua", "Jennifer" & "Chelsea" Ambigrams A custom ambigram

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A custom ambigram of the names "Joshua", "Jennifer" & "Chelsea", created for a tattoo design. Each name reads the same when flipped upside down. More information can be found in my profile.
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I find that there is something very beautiful to me about the "in progress dolls" -- so here I share with you a little bit of my working process. This is an image from the WIP of a full customization as Bill Kaultiz on an MSD size Dollzone Mo. Commission work
feb 27 lines Ragz Rejected Katalist

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Ragz Rejected Katalist Konsepts 218 Linden St Ft Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675
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Me modeling a amazing amber necklace by Hayley Nicholas who makes amazing jewelry and also spiritual oils as well as other things.Photo by DCB Studios .You can contact Hayley Nicholas through her FB to see what jewelry she has available
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i went with black. My friend ross did this....and i flipped it 90 degrees
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