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Day 56 More Eowyn My

beautiful ankh tattoo

More Eowyn My internet connection goes form blazing fast (by local standards) to donkey speed No explanation most of the time So I am posting solder stuff yet again Not that that is a bad thing when Eowyn is the subject
prettyankh I love this

tattoo ideas ankh

I love this picture, don't remember where I found it other than a google image search for ankhs.
Faceless: back with silhouette #1 back" "behind your

tattoo art ankh

back" "behind your back" "hidden man" hiding female body silhouette male back faceless love lonely lost found vulnerable
Ankh (Day 200) It's healing nicely.

ankh ankh gallery tattoo

It's healing nicely. Perhaps you can see it better this way. Inspired by this. I was reading up a little bit more on the ankh. According to wikipedia, Dennis Rodman has an ankh tattoo also. I am in good company.
Liz's question mark tat old, dodgy photobooth

ankh tatuagens

old, dodgy photobooth shot.
Druids Ankh During a very

dark ankh tattoo

During a very cathartic experience (both in body and heart) I was told something that really stuck with me, I was referred to as a 'druid' even if it isn't really what I am (in a technical sense) was just something that came to the person involved it wasn't planned. The idea mulled around in my head and I was inspired the next day to work with an ankh design I had already done and this is the shows a lot of what is going on in my heart and head right now and says a lot about me.
Ankh Tattoo Ning's (left) 1st

ankh tattoo back neck

Ning's (left) 1st tattoo and my 6th. Favourite of mine as of now. Didn't hurt as much as the back one but still .... Both taken within a week of inking
Tattoo 2 One of my

ankh cross tattoos

One of my egyptian influenced tattoos. An Ankh with an eye of Horus behind. Together they symbolise life, protection and strength.