Cross with rose vine tattoo - Tattoowise

hummingbird n roses blue rose was

side tattoos rose vine

blue rose was existing, added the rest around it
gerrit skull beginning of half

rose with vine tattoos

beginning of half sleeve - more to come
Day 7/365. Turkey Thighs I have the

cross and rose tattoos

I have the shortest legs. I stand about 4'11'' with thick thighs. My husband says its a good thing; sometimes I believe him and sometimes I don't. Look at my knees, it doesn't look normal hahaha! And I am always getting bruises on my legs and I don't even know how I get them.
Ribs Tattoo Before color -

rose with cross tattoo

Before color - just outline and shading
Dylan's back piece Dylan of Means

tattoo with cross and rose

Dylan of Means
tattoo tell me what

tattoos rose in cross

tell me what you think....
skullwithblood start of skull

cross tattoo with rose

start of skull tattoo done by Jason Kilgore
Dia De Los Muertos ♥♥♥Dia De Los

cross rose

♥♥♥Dia De Los Muertos skull. Got it done right after work on 6-9-09, took 3 hrs. I LOVE my tatt. It's on my forearm and it's the biggest one I have.♥♥♥ This is just the start of what's to come of my arm. Hopefully I'll be able to sleeve-it-up in memory of my loved ones who have passed on to the next life/world. Family, friends, Icons, etc...
PAN IREK_1989 Mr. Irek. Rose

drawing of a cross rose

Mr. Irek. Rose & Cross. Major. Prison Tattoos done in 1973 at ZK Służewiec (barracks at this time). Sharpened Sewing needles and ink. Wola, Warsaw, Poland, May 2012
Flower My name is

tattoo design rose vine

My name is Naseem Bokhari and I'm a henna artist located in Canton, MI. I do henna for parties, baby showers/pregnancy (on mother's belly), wedding/bridal or for individuals in the Canton, MI area or cities around there. If you are interested in an appointment or curious about my henna designs, contact me at:
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