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Fishing Town Host of Friday

dream out loud

Host of Friday 13th ... Brought to you by; www.atsetproductions.com AtSet Productions
03-Ink Suzzara (MN) -

dream white ink tattoo

Suzzara (MN) - 12 aprile 2012 Follow also me on: Facebook | Google+ | 500px
07/20/2007: Dream's Helm By my third

dream sandman tattoo

By my third appointment, Dream's mask was really starting to shape up. So was Matthew the raven - especially with the addition of a piercing yellow eye.
galaxy girl 1.1 so I had

dream with stars tattoo

so I had this idea for a tattoo and I wanted to see if I could create some initial artwork for it. As I've gotten started I'm realizing that it might never be a tattoo, but it could end up being a mighty fine picture
Dream Catcher Ink and watercolor

dream catcher feather tattoo

Ink and watercolor on 11x14 Cold Press FOR SALE www.facebook.com/jlynntaylorart
MLK Approved! 11/365

Happy Holiday!
This is

dream wrist

11/365 Happy Holiday! This is the tattoo that Josh designed for me. I've had it for a year and I still love it. :) I wanted to hide my face today but a picture of my arm just looked funny so I sucked it up. I look like a ragamuffin because I've spent the day cleaning, doing homework, editing pictures and making an awesome pot roast! Mmmmm...
candice. may. pennsylvania. i

life your dream tattoo

may. pennsylvania. i can't believe i never uploaded this/these. such a good trip.
Tattoo Design My first tattoo

tattoo life your dream

My first tattoo design tattooed on my good friend Madi
Santa's been smoking crack. Thank's to my

dream within a dream tattoo

Thank's to my amazing model Mick Randall (he doesn't really smoke crack and he's not really santa) View On Black
eleven brand new shiny

dream catcher tattoo

brand new shiny tattoo. i was so stoked for this, i've been counting down the days for the past two months. i'll probably take a better picture once it's all healed up, but this will do for now. by jay ferrin, new moon tattoo, ottawa.
NIGHT of the DROWNING CLOWNS Here's one for

a dream within a dream tattoo

Here's one for you Clown enthusiasts. It did not really begin this painting with anything in my mind having to do with Clowns. I was thinking of a dark slow moving sewer. I was thinking of black water moving slow along in a drain pipe under a city. The water polluted with the waste of the dwellers above. The dank smell of urine, feces, rot and decay. Mildew and scum. The slimy walls of the inside of the pipe covered with fuzzy horrors, rats and cockroaches. Spiders and worms. Dead animals writhing with maggots as they flowed down stream with the current. Huge green and blue black flies feasting on sludge and goop. Then, I visioned a man. A man swimming or wading through this gross morass. He has blisters and boils and cancerous growths covering his body. One of his eyes gone, replaced with an "eight ball"! (haHA!) Then I realized, "This is a clown!" A SEWER CLOWN! Perhaps I should
Beatiful sunset Beatiful sunset... The

dream and stars tattoo

Beatiful sunset... The day is saying, bye bye, but the night is a good friend... ;) I have the stars, now I´m waiting for my sun.... El día se termina, pero llega la noche que ummm, puede ser una amiga muy interesante. Tengo mis estrellas, esperaré paciente a un solete que quiera compartir su calor...