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Hello Boys Taken at Aura

dirty tatto studio

Taken at Aura Photographic Studio. Presenting the Beautiful Becky H www.purestorm.com/profile.aspx?id=beckyh1871
24's & Tattoos I saw this

tattoos dirty south

I saw this guy(name unknown) at the gas station, he was out flossing through the town, so i asked if I could get a couple shots of him.
first 4x5 scan! so our assignment

funny dirty tattoos pics

so our assignment was window light portraiture, but outdoors. we have to shoot one 4x5 and 2 slrs. the 2 slr shots can't be in the same location either. i'm very pleased with this shot and it will be my image that i turn in for the assignment due monday! horseman 4x5 w/ 210mm lens. f/8@1/15 www.drjphoto.com
Result may Vary.... Part.2 of the

amazing dirty tattoo

Part.2 of the great Shot...Chick with a Rolex in the dirt...what should i say more... AWESOME....
ZtephBomb II Hotel Room

tattoos are dirty

Hotel Room # 8
Dirty on the outside. Dirty on the

dirty tattoo pictures

Dirty on the outside clean on the inside. Madness around my eyes and cracks around my lies. Mirror driven dirt, can I clean my thirst? Once this body is gone all that's left is none.. But I.
leaked I love this

tattoo dirty

I love this set so much. Model: Realize
Missed! Flip Flops at 40 paces Mystery foot with

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Mystery foot with Bintang tattoo on Double Six nite club floor, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 2006 ©BrianOMahony.net
Luci-Fur on the stairs Model: Luci-Fur Location:

tattoos dirty

Model: Luci-Fur Location: Brooklyn, Ny
København - Self Portrait Heavy afternoons in

dirty tatoo pictures

Heavy afternoons in Denmark.
Pacific City Dee dee dee...

dirty tattoo photos

Dee dee dee...
5/365 Promise I won't forget! Three weeks a

dirty tatoo project

Three weeks a year it's my turn for weekly laundry in my 1st grader's classroom. I hate this responsibility because I always forget, and I also have this fear that this classroom laundry will all get mixed in with our own stuff and I'll never get it back to school. This is a mirror shot. I wrote "LAUNDRY" on my forehead in reverse so it would look right from my perspective and through the mirror. However, I didn't think about the text the 1st graders had written on the bag, and how that would be in reverse. Of course it was written in by a 1st grader, so the "Hi" was accidentally in reverse. I also love the political message "no while foods" scrawled over the logo on the reusable bag.
keep it country #5 Catskills, August 09

dirty tatoos

Catskills, August 09
Dirty JOb. It's a dirty

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It's a dirty Job but someone has got to do it. ...Sweet Helen is taking a break, That girl looks so good even as a car mechanic... how is that possible?!?