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Cliff Model: Cliff Location:

dodge tattoos

Model: Cliff Location: Hollyweird Tattooz, Jonesboro, GA
Ram sugah skull ram skull with

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ram skull with the sugar skull lines in him. we were going to put roses in his eyes but i think it got to goofy looking. im happy with this one. on Tiffany


tattoo phase 1 back tattoo redux

ram tattoo

back tattoo redux phase 1, after a shower and air dry... more work to come in a few weeks.
aries_ram_birdman_tattoo Aries ram tattoo.

tribal ram

Aries ram tattoo.
New Tattoo This is my

zodiac ram

This is my fourth tattoo. I am hoping it will be the last, but I know that will never happen!
Aries Tattoo Ram to symbolize

aries ram and fire tattoos

Ram to symbolize the Aries horoscope. Jester Hat to symbolize that I joke around all the time. Fire to represent the element of Aries.
"in ram we trust" an evil occult

evil ram tattoo

an evil occult conspiracy mistress. © lindsay podd 2008.