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the Faith it's not a

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it's not a religion. it's the way of life.
Tattoo 1 One of my

egyptian cross tatoo

One of my Egyptian influenced tattoos. An Ankh with an eye of Horus behind. Together they symbolise life, protection and strength.
Tattoo Design - Gears of War Half of a

cross coloured tattoo

Half of a Gears of War Tattoo I produced. It was a cover up and had to go over an awkwardly shaped tattoo that was already in the way. The placement of the original tattoo is hidden within the creatures mouth.
Egyptian-tattoo-desings-6 Egyptian Tattoo Designs,

egyptian designs tatoos

Egyptian Tattoo Designs, more unique designs at cvxpov
American custom View of a

angle with a cross tattoos

View of a classic Chevrolet in front of All American Custom tattoo shop in Lakewood, Washington Print version: Follow me on Facebook
my new ink My new tattoo

egyptian tattoos

My new tattoo courtesy of Craig Spencer (
Full Contacts. The Thunderdome Roller

holy cross tattoos

The Thunderdome Roller Derby. Austin, TX. March 2005.
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