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the Faith it's not a

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it's not a religion. it's the way of life.
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One of my Egyptian influenced tattoos. An Ankh with an eye of Horus behind. Together they symbolise life, protection and strength.
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Egyptian Tattoo Designs, more unique designs at cvxpov
Tattoo Design - Gears of War Half of a

cross coloured tattoo

Half of a Gears of War Tattoo I produced. It was a cover up and had to go over an awkwardly shaped tattoo that was already in the way. The placement of the original tattoo is hidden within the creatures mouth.
Wholly Holy Series Graphic This is a

cloud around cross tattoo

This is a design I created, with some help from Jonathan Culp, for a series at Fellowship Church called Wholly Holy. This are was used for everything from stage design, countdowns, background art, clothing, opening animation and more.
American custom View of a

angle with a cross tattoos

View of a classic Chevrolet in front of All American Custom tattoo shop in Lakewood, Washington Print version: Follow me on Facebook
my new ink My new tattoo

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My new tattoo courtesy of Craig Spencer (
Full Contacts. The Thunderdome Roller

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The Thunderdome Roller Derby. Austin, TX. March 2005.