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1st Wonder Woman tattoo Ink by Emma

emma tattos

Ink by Emma at Porcupine Studios in NYC. The idea is that this is a timeline of Wonder Woman from Golden Age to Silver Age to now. September 2001.
snake tattoo 1st session On July 23,

emma porcupine

On July 23, 2011, I started another tattoo by Emma Porcupine at Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn.
Tattoo more of the

the name emma tattoo

more of the fantastic back piece by Will Lovell
Emma with Playboy Tattoos More @ 25visuals.com

tattoo ideas for the name emma

More @ 25visuals.com
Emma 01 Emma Donkin aka

emma tattoos

Emma Donkin aka burlesque performer Daisy Chainsaw www.myspace.com/missdaisychainsaw
Mamma ♡ Emma has a

emma heart tattoo

Emma has a few tattoos. This is a nice one I think.
b-day girl emma one half

emma name tattoos

emma one half of opheliafancy . what a blast the party was!
 This tat made

tatuagem galleries

This tat made Explore!! more from First Friday. arm of photographer Jess T. Dugan
Rebel With(out) A Cause (8/52) Ok - It's

tattoo with name emma

Ok - It's week 8 (that has gone so quick!) I thought a revelation was in order (ok, i'm out of inspiration this week) Yes, I have a tattoo.......done when I was 18 and everyone seemed to be getting one. However, whilst a lot of my peers went for Dolphins/Flowers/Suns (!) i decided to go for a crescent moon with a blue sash wrapped around it. I have no idea why just in case you were wondering! I once got licked on the tattoo by a man in a bar who said he thought it was a banana! He almost ended up with a knee in the groin...............
SKULL & FLOWERS Did this quick

skull drawing galleries

Did this quick sketch in pen , highlighters and white-out ..still needs clean up.. tattoo request from a client.. www.paper-skull.com
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