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Bob and Sam's June 24 2006 011 Her kid's names

what is a tramp stamp tattoo

Her kid's names are in the blue vines. Can you make them out?
celtic dogs by thomas jacobson tattoo done by

cross tramp stamp

tattoo done by Thomas Jacobson at bad Dog Productions tattoo shop 1011 w. colonial Dr. orlando Florida 32804 (407)841-6659
Bike Basket Liner - Sailor Jerry - Red Do you love

skull and fairy tattoo

Do you love tattoos? I do too! Show everyone your style while riding your bike and using this great bike basket liner! Come with light purple, red or dark purple inside. Interested in more info? Check out my profile for more info.
Tattoo Fairy Minha fadinha Morgana

fada or fairy

Minha fadinha Morgana =) Versão 2011