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THE SHORELINE series This is my

family man tattoo gallery

This is my third summer recording the people that visit the boat rental. I have a couple other projects I'm working on but will continue to stop by the rental to photograph at a less intense pace than in the past.
Hydrant Even the most

tatoos love family peace

Even the most simple things have the potential 2 look great.
proud papa ab800 fired camera

daddy family tattoos

ab800 fired camera left with softbox we had a little daddy/son photo session today - aren't they the most handsome men you've ever seen?!?!
Copyright performing Ambifest 2011

family first drawing

Ambifest 2011
Friends Through time people

love family peace tattoos

Through time people grow & learn 2 appreciate the difference. That's what make us "friends".
Adrian Witzel - Grabbing Some Air Kassel-Ost Bowlmasters 2012

flower family tattoos

Kassel-Ost Bowlmasters 2012
Caddo Pot Caddo pot found

turtle family tattoo

Caddo pot found near Neches river, broken and glued.
Maciek in action :) Click here to

family friend

Click here to see his portrait On Black
Yultide 2008 Our Family, 2008.

family of stars tatoo

Our Family, 2008. Thanks to Copperlight Studios for a wonderful job. (just a photo of the photo right now, hence the colors are a bit -off-)