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shower1 Shower after the

female cross

Shower after the beach see at larger size for effect
cross tattoo Justin at Kats

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Justin at Kats Like Us Tattoos
Ina Model: Ina *

female cross tattoo

Model: Ina * www.myspace.com/shortyw89 Photo & Editing: Me
Day Five This is how

female back cross tattoos

This is how you survive a car trip. 1. Buy a big 32 oz. cup of diet mountain dew, but make sure you can hold it in until the next rest stop. 2. Take a pen and draw tattoos all over your body. 3. Listen to Fun or whatever your favorite band is that always puts you in a good mood. 4. Wave at people in the other cars on the highway. 5. Take LOTS of selfies. standtallandsmile.tumblr.com/
SXSW - Lights @ PureVolume House Lights (aka Valerie

austin tattoo female pics

Lights (aka Valerie Poxleitner) performs on March 16, 2012 at PureVolume House during SXSW in Austin, Texas
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