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Week 27: Out-take At the beginning

nautical star sun tattoo

At the beginning of 2010, I started a self-inflicted Weekly Photo Challenge, which I've been documenting on my blog: Each week has a write-up about my light setup and the story behind the image. This is an out-take from Week 27. Thanks for looking, dani | Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Model Mayhem
[Quelayko Wedding] Cholle A shot on

filipino star tattoo

A shot on Cholle, with her 3 stars and the sun tattoo.
strength and a mixtape. yess i risked

filipino sun tattoo design

yess i risked the life of my camera and got in the water with it. again another picture of my sister taken in Nice,France.
Henna tattoo artist doing decal A friend of

filipino sun tattoos

A friend of my cousin offered to do a decal
tattoo complete The form has

filipino tattoo sun

The form has many meanings both personal and some abstract, the tail represents half of the sun from the filipino flag and the 3 regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Ink by "827 tattoos by Ryan Bernardino" Cebu, Philippines.
KACAO77 2008 kacao77 "hawaiiwall" hot

star moon sun tattoo

kacao77 "hawaiiwall" hot characater berlin 2008

star sun tattoos
East Texas Sharks Teeth 7/25/11 Angelina County. Brandys other teeth.

native sun tattoos

Brandys other teeth.