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Island Girl I found another

tatoo model fire and water

I found another shot of my island girl that I like. Probably can find more, too. She looks great against that waterfall. At Caney Creek Falls in Sipsey Wilderness.
Juicy Fruit ... chilly swim ...

water tattoo bands

chilly swim ...
Hope (Detail) Hand-carved linoleum print


pregnant photo water

Hand-carved linoleum print 26" diameter Black block-printing ink printed on Stonehenge Natural Full image:
drip dry... I noticed Maggie

water drop tattoo

I noticed Maggie had missed a spot after drying her back when she'd gotten out of the shower the other day so of course I saw something to photograph... haha.
viking ship Done by Khalil

moon on water tattoos

Done by Khalil Linane at Under the Needle Tattoo!!!! 2118 2nd Ave, Seattle Wa (206)448-6613 under the
Lube & Ink Stainless Studios |

yingyang fire and water tattoo

Stainless Studios | Dallas, Texas