Flower sleeve tattoos - Tattoowise

Dragon head  Session 2 -

flower dragon tattoo sleeve

Session 2 - 4 hours shading to dragons head
sleeve outline outline of bottom

japanese flower water sleeve

outline of bottom of sleeve
FOO DOG Tattoo Front shoulder view

flower half sleeve

Front shoulder view of foo dog. Tattoo and Co. Artist Javier Acero
japanese koi sleeve what i had

water and flower sleeve tattoos

what i had done before basic
Angel, Demon & Roses Tattoo pt4 Tattooed by Ray

angel demon flower tattoo sleeve

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford This is part of an on going sleeve.
KOI TATTOO My koi ..

japanese sleeve flower tattoos

My koi .. 3rd sitting ... 2 hrs .. Blue dragon tattoo's brighton ... By jason, work in progress
MY SLEEVE TATTOO Tattoo 3/4 Sleeve

flower sleeve tattoo

Tattoo 3/4 Sleeve finalizada. Donald Tattoo Studio. www.donaldtattoo.com
SNB12496 Samsung digital camera

japanese flower half sleeve

Samsung digital camera
photoshop action early stages of

lotus flower and water tattoo sleeve

early stages of the sleeve, showin the celtic, and scrip..
Inner arm Session 2 -

japanese dragon flower sleeve

Session 2 - 4 hours inner arm. Dragon tail outline finished. Flower added to inner bicep. Some shading started.
stage3_2762 3rd session happened

flower hummingbird sleeve tattoo

3rd session happened this friday. trevor got almost all the leaves done now, thankfully. damn there were a lot of them ;) 2 weeks until we start on the flowers artist is Trevor Shea, seenoevil.ca/
Lotus Flower My very colourfull

lotus flower sleeve tattoo

My very colourfull lotus flower