Flower watercolor tattoos - Tattoowise

Lotus Flower - IMGP3462-as Lotus Flower: Photo

lotus flower watercolor tattoo

Lotus Flower: Photo based watercolor effect
Lotus Flower - IMGP9277 Lotus Flower: Photo

watercolor lotus flower tattoo

Lotus Flower: Photo Based
Lotus Flower - lotus92 Red / Pink

watercolor lotus flower tattoo design

Red / Pink Lotus Flower and leaf: Photo based watercolor
faux tentacle tat My friend MJ

tattoo watercolor flower

My friend MJ let me draw on his arm and he really wanted some tentacles. He and I have a thing for tentacles. Hahah!
DSCN4080 gladiola tattoo in

flower watercolor tattoo

gladiola tattoo in memory of my grandpa, artist was phenominal, used varying shades of back gray and white for the outline for a more realistic feel
IMG_2723.jpg Left shoulder, just

flower gallery tattoos lilies

Left shoulder, just outline.
Drawing The original drawing

bee flower tattoo art

The original drawing for the dinosaur (clearer view, as it is difficult to photograph the 'whole picture' once the artwork is tattooed onto a 3D shape, ie. arm) Tattoo by Nick Baxter, Austin, TX
cebu sunset i was on

philippines flower tattoo

i was on a ferry boat when i took this shot
finished2 It was still

dahlia flower tattoo

It was still very shiny at this point.
Lotus Flower IMG_6149 Lotus Flower: Dying....

hi flower tatoo

Lotus Flower: Dying....
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