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DSC_2362 - Kleio Valentine The charming Kleio

hot foot tattoos on both feet

The charming Kleio Valentine posing at the Burning Angel booth.
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foot feet gallery

foot tattoos by matt Clemmer of New Breed dayton ohio 937-890-5643
My Tattoo - Almost Healed I couldn't be

ivy on vine tattoo

I couldn't be more pleased with it! Tattoo done by Bailey at Anchor's Tattoo in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Simple Foot Design Canton Farmer's Market

foot tattoo floral vine

Canton Farmer's Market 9/6. My name is Naseem Bokhari and I'm a henna artist located in Canton, MI. I do henna for parties, baby showers/pregnancy (on mother's belly), wedding/bridal or for individuals in the Canton, MI area or cities around there. If you are interested in an appointment or curious about my henna designs, contact me at:
daisies and vines on foot tattoo Tattooed by Johnny

vine tattoo for feet

Tattooed by Johnny at; The Tattoo Studio 5 The high street Crayford Kent DA1 4HH
Simple but I like it Done years ago

flower vine tattoo on her foot

Done years ago at a henna party...

tattoo foot feet
Soul Sister So, here it

vine ankle and foot tats

So, here it is. My newest tattoo. I got it back in October, but it took forever for it heal and look half way decent. I hope Emma approves. I am really happy with it and I got it with a good friend. The memories I make will last a lifetime. Literally .
Foot Tattoos by Hector Fong of Rock of Ages Rock of Ages

tattoo feet foot

Rock of Ages 2310 South Lamar #105 Austin, Texas 78704 512-804-1213
I did a Pokemon tattoo! This is the

foot tattoo of vine

This is the twelfth tattoo I've done on someone, the first Pokemon I've gotten to do (which is awesome because my whole right arm is a Pokemon sleeve and I love Pokemon). This was also the first foot tattoo I've done!
Swallow Tattoo. Tail feathers of

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Tail feathers of my swallow tattoo