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The Eyes Have It

jesus tattoo pictures
Mine Thanks Beck!

jesus mary tattoo

Thanks Beck!
P1400285MC - Finished! Zombie Jesus" piece

jesus piece

Zombie Jesus" piece on Venus by Adam Turk of Guru Tattoo, San Diego CA. Winner "Best of Day" on Friday at Montreal Art Tattoo 2008. Please check out more of Turk's brain-busting work here: Note: these pics were taken 2 days later, before scabbing.
San Francisco ink Toting guns 'n

jesus full sleeve tattoo

Toting guns 'n ink
Cross of Blood1 A gory design

jesus christ on the cross tattoo

A gory design I came up with a while ago, but my old computer didn't have the power to actually finish it he way I wanted. I'm not happy with the 'splatter' design I was original going for.
tattoo convention # 12 amsterdam may 1994

jesus christ tattoo gallery

amsterdam may 1994 tattoo convention at "Beurs van Berlage" best.... tattoo convention # 12...on black
Agente Zoquete 86 v3 Myrhwan a.k.a firemyrh

tattoo cruz com jesus dentro

Myrhwan a.k.a firemyrh trucó una boquilla fat cap para conseguir esta barbacoa portatil. Este bultico con ojos es un especialista con el fuego....
jean grey turns  24 x 36

jesus gun tattoos

24 x 36 oil by damon conklin an exersize in translating movie effects in oil
Bustin' Loose Then there were

tatuagen de jesus

Then there were the boys from infesting the streets of Old Town, Key West.
1974-76, Sztum_002 Nobody never explained

tattoo jesus christ

Nobody never explained me properly the meaning of sultan I can only imagine that it must stand for Whealth, Boss, King of Life. From the other hand if it is Ali Baba then it would be simply romanticization of a thief. Warszawa, Wola, September 2009 Digital, Mark II, 24-70 Canon Zoom Lens, 21 MgPx