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Avalokiteshvara Black and grey

tattoo gallery of hindu gods

Black and grey work in progress
27/52: A Civil Union Happy Belated Anniversary

tattoo gallery for wrist and hands

Happy Belated Anniversary to us. : ) My husband & I celebrated our one year anniversary on November 12th -- we've been married only a year, but joined at the heart & soul for almost 5 years. We went to a Wine Tasting (my first!) and felt like the oddballs out. A few glasses of wine later, we fit in perfectly. : ) i couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. he has been so good to me all these years, and put up with way more than anyone should ever have to... more than anyone would ever want to. we've had our highs & lows, but it only makes the two of us stronger. stronger together... stronger parents to Madeline. i love you, matty. week 27 of 52.
tattoo_small Tattoo man~ 4

hindu symbol gallery

Tattoo man~ 4 hours work by Photoshop. Hope u like it _____ p.s. Inspired by Sdbarber works
Wear It Dark & Deep An Indian bride

tatoo hindu gallery

An Indian bride showing her mehendi during her wedding. A Hindu wedding includes a number of religious rites before and during the nuptials, and Mehendi play a vital role in it, so much so that no Indian marriage is considered complete without it! The reddish brown color of Mehendi - which stands for the prosperity that a bride is expected to bring to her new family - is considered most auspicious for all wedding-related ceremonies.
over easy Tattoo by Ed

hands tattoo gallery

Tattoo by Ed Milburn Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery 2306 12th Avenue South Nashville, TN 615-891-7029
Hellhound by Mike Stu Pfost All artwork for

tribute tattoos gallery

All artwork for the "WE ARE 138: Tribute to The Misfits" is 7x7 and AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! Please call the gallery at 203-467-1622 for more information.
John Felix Arnold III Interview about Should I Stay or Should I Go - Story and Photos by Megan Wolfe for Warholian For more on

tattoo gallery crow

For more on the art in your world visit or follow us on Facebook at One of the artists on my press bucket list, I’ve wanted to write up a feature on John Felix Arnold III since I met him at a café show in Bernal Heights three years ago. At that time, I was actively publicizing the works of artists showing at the now deceased Babylon Falling bookstore, which included David Young V, Robert Bowen, David Ball, and C3. Unfortunately, I never quite got the chance to cover Felix at the bookstore, because I only became aware of his work directly after his show had ended. With Old Crow Tattoo in Oakland, California actively showing Felix’s work, thankfully, I’ve gotten another chance to chat with him about what inspires his expansive, post-apocalyptic installations. I stopped by his show "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" to get the shots and make up for lost time. Read the rest of the story here: All photos by Megan Wolfe for Warholian.
Expo Eastmen Gallery Hasselt Expo Eastmen Gallery

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Expo Eastmen Gallery Hasselt