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Jester "Darkness" Tattoo Done by D.. @ Sinister Productions Tattoo Studio "Darkness" Tattoo Done

evil devil tattoos pictures

"Darkness" Tattoo Done by D.. @ Sinister Productions Tattoo Studio
Criss Angel Looks like Criss

angel devil wing tattoo

Looks like Criss Angel, the magician. Size: A3 paper Used: Regular black fineliner. After scanning, I used the PSP to increase the black/white contrast and make al the lines smooth, not more.
Angel or devil? Model : Raül

angel devil gallery

Model : Raül
Good versus evil Tattoo of an

angel devil tattoos on arm

Tattoo of an angel defeating the devil on arm.
Evil Bird In Progress

evil and good tattoos
Glassware and Rose This is a

tattoo good and evil

This is a still life drawing in graphite (pencil) done on paper. It measures 24" x 19" and has been made on archival paper.
Spirit Being with Wings in the Center of America - detail Oklahoma, 2008-2009 Velveteen

tattoo angel devil collage

Oklahoma, 2008-2009 Velveteen Woman #52 - detail
Spying on the Dark City 8" x 10"

no fear angel devil tattoo

8" x 10" Acrylic on Masonite Currently available on eBay; Something a little different. Working with light and very few colors. Trying to achieve a little bit of mystery in the picture. I love the idea of huge cities that grow like a giant fungus on the continents of the Earth.
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