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Jester "Darkness" Tattoo Done by D.. @ Sinister Productions Tattoo Studio "Darkness" Tattoo Done

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"Darkness" Tattoo Done by D.. @ Sinister Productions Tattoo Studio
Criss Angel Looks like Criss

angel devil wing tattoo

Looks like Criss Angel, the magician. Size: A3 paper Used: Regular black fineliner. After scanning, I used the PSP to increase the black/white contrast and make al the lines smooth, not more.
Angel or devil? Model : Raül

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Model : Raül
Evolutionaries EVOLUTIONARIES (Part of

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EVOLUTIONARIES (Part of my 'TRANSHUMANISUM' series) 10" X 10" - Acrylic on birch wood panel Completed 12/09/2008 - Los Angeles In the near future people will be able to decide how the evolve. Evolution will be taken from the hands of nature and we shall control what we become through science and technology. Breakthroughs such as nano technology and A.I., ( ) will enable us to transcend the slow pace of human evolution exponentially. This may result in several and varied evolutionary variations. Some may choose to have extremely strong and large bodies like giant insects, while others may decide to become small and invisible like a floating energy. Nanobots, ( ) and utility fog, ( ) will make the physical world and many of it's laws absolute. Until we are able to control ALL T
Heaven & Hell Start It's been a

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It's been a week since i had the line work done on the top half of my leg. It's healed up nicely, and i figured time to get a pic done. view large You can see the Angel & the Devil of the heaven and hell motif nicely. I really Love the Skull above the knee, with the eye ball and horn on the hell side and the sealed over socket on the heaven side, like One Eyed Willie from The Goonies. Canon 30D Strobist info: 580ex2 to right of camera a stop above 16th power into a shoot through brolly trigged by Pocket Wizzards reflector to the left of leg.
Tattoo of Marc the celt These are the

good and evil tattoo

These are the tattoo´s of a friend of mine. He wants a poster of it, ´cause his girlfriend want it for christmas eve. Some of the tattoo´s bleached over the years and so i have to boost it.
The King Heron Graphite on Paper

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Graphite on Paper 8 1/2" x 11" Re-evolution of the bird series

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EMPATHICS, Acrylic on wood panel, 10 x 10" (25.4 cm. X 25.4 cm.) November 2008, Los angeles This painting, (and 3 others) will be shown and sold at this years "ART BASEL MIAMI" in Miami Florida December 4 - 7, ( ) If you are interested in the purchase of this piece, please e-m to This painting illustrates some of my fancies about human communication in a higher age of human evolution. I dream of communicating "empathically" through technological enhancements to our abilities. Empathy is superior to telepathy, and certainly to verbal language. It is to communicate with emotion. This would be a grand language! There would be little chance of misunderstanding. I've been reading about "Transhumanisum" … "A term often used as a synonym for "human enhancement". Also known as "Posthumanisum". It is an international, intellectua
Good Bird

good and evil tattoos
Spirit Being with Wings in the Center of America - detail Oklahoma, 2008-2009 Velveteen

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Oklahoma, 2008-2009 Velveteen Woman #52 - detail
Good versus evil Tattoo of an

angel devil tattoos on arm

Tattoo of an angel defeating the devil on arm.