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prettyankh I love this

tattoo ideas ankh

I love this picture, don't remember where I found it other than a google image search for ankhs.
Sam's New Tattoo Natural Images by

ideas for background of tattoo

Natural Images by Adam Blog My Portrait Stuido: On Facebook My Model Mayhem: #2499575 Lighting: Nikon SB-28 camera right with 1/4 CTO and Westcott Apollo Orb, Vivitar 383 camera left thru umbrella, Vivitar 285 camera left behind subject as rim with 1/4 CTO and DIY grid. Triggered with Cactus V4. Samantha_0172
081011_gc_am_013.JPG Bacon Chocolate. Grand

tattoos sleeves ideas

Bacon Chocolate. Grand Casino gig October 2008.
Portrait - Bruder Story: This photo

ideas for brother tattoos

Story: This photo I've taken during a sunny summer day at the pool by my sister in law. Now, a few weeks later, I've looked trough my photo sets and this portrait of my brother stood out of all other. I've turned the photo into a B&W one and made some smooth adjustments of contrast and sharpness. Technical Information: Canon EOS 400D with EF-S 55-250mm Copyright © Sven Kellenberger. All rights reserved. Please note that the fact that "This photo is public" doesn't mean it is public domain or a free stock image. Therefore, its use without written consent by the author is illegal.
 Yi Peng Teoh

marathon tattoo ideas

Yi Peng Teoh (134) Tribob Singapore Sprint Series 2008, Race 1 - Biathlon Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, Singapore
sisters The girls came

tattoo ideas sisters

The girls came over for a visit.
Sleeve progress! Monday we worked

girly sleeve tattoo ideas

Monday we worked on my sleeve some more, added a rose and fan at the bottom, some extra pearls, made the bow bigger, and on the inside of my upperarm is a lovely swan! I love it :) ! Just need one more sitting to add all the background now, pfew!
One cap... So many ideas!!

tatuagem ideas

So many ideas!! Com muitas idéias!
Emma with Playboy Tattoos More @

tattoo ideas for the name emma

More @
Self: NEW TATTOO, FINALLY! You could never,

tattoo wrist ideas

You could never, ever, cage a free bird like me. I am who I am. I will no longer be trapped in something I don't want to be in. I will respect myself, who I am. I am as free as a bird, watch me fly.
Tattoo ideas 2 Thinking of getting

tattoo designs ideas

Thinking of getting another tattoo and quite like this style as well.
Star of David Why would she

jewish tattoos ideas

Why would she have that star on her neck? Does anyone know what that means?
she's too fond of books, and it's turned her brain. ha. don't ask

korean tattoo ideas

ha. don't ask me why i like this? model: my wife, ENAAEE! :D (guess i should clarify i don't mean literal wife, hah) large/black
new designs for me john from heavy

tattoo ideas for you

john from heavy artillery was kind enough to design a couple tattoos for me. i'm not sure which one will go on my wrist, but i'm PRETTY sure both designs will be tatted up on me eventually. thank you john! you're the best.
emy_princess_outfit leggings are 4/04

princess tattoo ideas

leggings are 4/04 shirt pants all in size 74cm cuffs and leggings hem have elastic lace