Half sleeve music note tattoo designs - Tattoowise

Leslie 2 2 Round one with

floral half sleeve tattoo designs

Round one with the colors on this lady fun with the ladybug especially!
Girl with the guinea pig tattoo I Some more of

music note tatoo designs

Some more of my lovely cousin when she modelled for me last Christmas! Been so busy interning I have only just found time to finish them! Love her tattoos!! Model: Kirsty R Everything else: Me © Liz Rose van Bokhoven 'Like' my page on Facebook? :) www.facebook.com/LizRosePhotographer
R(evol)ution www.artbychristaylor.com

music tattoo sleeve idea

Half Sleeve koi tattoo Half Sleeve koi

koi sleeve tattoo half

Half Sleeve koi tattoo
Leslie Round one with

front view of half tattoo sleeve

Round one with the colors on this lady fun with the ladybug especially!
Kendra Mcdermott - Geisha Half-sleeve Golly this one's

cherry blossom tattoo half sleeve

Golly this one's taking a while...
Suicide Silence The term messy

tattoo sleeve with music

The term messy would not suit a band like California's Suicide Silence better. In at the deep end records from across the pond this time on tour with the equally passionate Abigail Williams and the beautifully british blend of Misery, Sylosis, Many Things Untold and Eternal Lord. For such an intense band, almost math in places but keeping to true grind, the acts break down into onslaughts of brutal hammered guitars and amazing double kicks and blastbeats. Suddenly, it all cuts out and, the crowd, screams out like a choir along to the Family Guy quotes which introduce the next onslaught. Despite this dark and brutal showing of raspy throats and heavy, well, everything, the lead man of the show stands on the barriers, cheering thr crowd on continually making them feel reassured "trust me, we're gonna have a good time. This is going to be fun". And he doesn't disapoint. 9/10 show for
Treble Clef Love I've been wanting

heart and music note tattoo

I've been wanting to get a good picture of my tattoo with my new camera. I still love it so much. <3
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