Half sleeve music note tattoo designs - Tattoowise

Leslie 2 2 Round one with

floral half sleeve tattoo designs

Round one with the colors on this lady fun with the ladybug especially!
Girl with the guinea pig tattoo I Some more of

music note tatoo designs

Some more of my lovely cousin when she modelled for me last Christmas! Been so busy interning I have only just found time to finish them! Love her tattoos!! Model: Kirsty R Everything else: Me © Liz Rose van Bokhoven 'Like' my page on Facebook? :) www.facebook.com/LizRosePhotographer
Leslie Round one with

front view of half tattoo sleeve

Round one with the colors on this lady fun with the ladybug especially!
R(evol)ution www.artbychristaylor.com

music tattoo sleeve idea

Half Sleeve koi tattoo Half Sleeve koi

koi sleeve tattoo half

Half Sleeve koi tattoo
√Člen Pedroso Photo: Flavia Teixeira

female half sleeve tattoo

Photo: Flavia Teixeira
Darkest Hour - Mike Darkest Hour /

tattoo designs music sleeve

Darkest Hour / Cambridge Barfly 23.01.08 This is by far my favourite shot of the night. Mike was my favourite member of the band to photograph. He moves a lot and isn't afraid to get stuck in. After the show he thanked me for doing photos. It's the little things like that which make me love what i do.
My Half Sleeve! My Half sleeve,not

black ink half sleeve

My Half sleeve,not finished yet! But lovin it! done by chris at kapala.
Stacking fire log rings I think they're

music heart note tattoo

I think they're just the cutest; pretty damn comfortable, too.
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