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Grace (by Ana) Translated and designed

hebrew design tattoo

Translated and designed by www.hebrew-tattoo.com
The Lord is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want (by John) Translated and designed

tattoo design hebrew

Translated and designed by www.hebrew-tattoo.com
"I'm not with her." Standing next to

hebrew tattoo on ankle

Standing next to the reason why I got the tattoo. On the car ride home tonight I don't know how we got on the subject, but I told my sister and BIL how I realized I've had almost two years with Judah--and how fast they've flown. If I'm lucky we have eight good years left and I started crying. I know she won't be around forever...but I can't imagine the day she has to go. What will it be like? How will I possibly cope? Judah is my heart. Right now it's just very hard to come to grips with that reality--she can't grow old with me. She can't be there until the end and I didn't think like that...I live with her by my side, always on my mind, and to try to imagine looking at a picture of her and having to think or say, "That was my first dog, Judah. She died such-and-such years ago." I don't want any other dogs. I just want her forever. "God will prepare everything for our perfect happines
stupid insect bites And dangit do

hebrew ankle tattoo

And dangit do I need a pedicure...
God is Love (by Sarah) Translated and designed

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Translated and designed by www.hebrew-tattoo.com
tat 004 I look like

hebrew wrist tattoos

I look like I was mad...I really wasn't, I swear. Or maybe I was because I realized I look about 14. ;) actually my arm was getting tired from holding it at that awkward angle.
tat 008 you know how

hebrew hand tattoos

you know how when you stare at a something long enough it starts to look really weird to you? that's how my hand looks in this. I really like the light in this one. I was sitting against a wall just outside of Angie's living room, and light was streaming in through her south-facing windows. I like how it's shining on my left shoulder and part of my face and hand; to me, it almost seems as though I'm shading my eyes from it. In a very awkward way, that is.
Tree of LIFE. My new tattoo.

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My new tattoo. The Kabbalah "Tree of Life".