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Applying Henna (Not What It Looks Like) Copyright © Daniel

cute henna designs

Copyright © Daniel Ruyle
Floral Valley Kiran S inspiration

henna tattoo designs hearts

Kiran S inspiration
Halloween Horror Nights XVII awesome

leg henna

swiftart.ca  1 Henna design on

henna mehndi designs

Henna design on paper
Flowers & Filigree Leg/Calf Henna Volcano Blue Henna

henna design leg

Volcano Blue Henna September 2009
Kwaknit Member of the

henna wing designs

Member of the Henna University. willing model. hehehe nice knowing you guys.
Chaku - Palms - Paste off Henna Application and

bridal henna tattoo designs

Henna Application and Design by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus). This photograph shows henna stain on Day 4 after henna was applied.
Gulf Style Henna Henna Applied by

henna lotus flower designs

Henna Applied by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus). Design by Ranjana Patel. This Photo was taken on day of application with past still left on.
original henna tattoo , butterfly and flowers , leg , ankle  lovely tattoo for

henna for leg

lovely tattoo for summer time
Bunnyfish in progress This piece is

tattoo designs leg sleeve

This piece is still very much a work in progress, but it's come a long way since I first posted photos of it. After the addition of more colour on both the rosettes and the bunnyfish, the addition of some bunnyfish silhouettes, and a few touch-ups, this piece will finally be complete - probably doable in one solid session that I'm hoping to schedule before the end of the year. I am delighted. After this is done it'll be time to complete the sleeve on my right arm and then take a tattoo break for a while. Today's lesson: It's surprisingly challenging to take photos of your own leg without making it look like some sort of weird alien limb. I'll be sure to have some help when this piece is completed and it's time for final photos. And, yes, my legs really are that pale. :p
Simple Tribal Style Arm Band in Natural Henna Henna application by

henna tatoo designs for your feet

Henna application by Ranjana Patel (www.melodiclotus.com)
Summer still at Dupont Circle

henna tattoos for leg

at Dupont Circle
Mehndi Mela - Henna with Glitter by Ranjana on Aileen A MelodicLotus Pattern.

indian henna designs on foot

A MelodicLotus Pattern. Henna Design and application by Ranjana Patel (www.melodiclotus.com).
Henna Friends in Singapore From left to

henna tattoo designs lotus

From left to right: Lezard Jewel and Haty - I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with THE Lezard (most talented), the beautiful and charming Jewel (Always smiling) and the Lovely Haty (who never stops laughing - never a dull moment). Henna applied by Ranjana (Melodic Lotus).
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