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Applying Henna (Not What It Looks Like) Copyright © Daniel

cute henna designs

Copyright © Daniel Ruyle
swiftart.ca  1 Henna design on

henna mehndi designs

Henna design on paper
Flowers & Filigree Leg/Calf Henna Volcano Blue Henna

henna design leg

Volcano Blue Henna September 2009
Floral Valley Kiran S inspiration

henna tattoo designs hearts

Kiran S inspiration
Halloween Horror Nights XVII awesome

leg henna

Bhavna Left Palm 20060502 It's been ages

marriage henna designs

It's been ages since I have done intricate work - this is my first attempt at intricate work since I did the 'mother of the bride' piece some years ago. Henna design is a combo of Asha Savla and Navneet Design.
Beena - Back of Hands Bridal Henna pattern

henna designs wedding

Bridal Henna pattern applied to Gujarati Bride - this design was custom designed by myself to match the bride's outfit. This is a very old pic.... was done quite a few years ago.
Leena - Both Palms Paste on Henna Application by

floral henna designs

Henna Application by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus).
Left Hand - Peacock Detail Catherine's henna decoration

henna hand designs gallery

Catherine's henna decoration for DP and Mrs P's wedding.
henna tattoo (foot and leg) foot and leg

henna leg tattoo

foot and leg pattern
Kwaknit Member of the

henna wing designs

Member of the Henna University. willing model. hehehe nice knowing you guys.
Chaku - Palms - Paste off Henna Application and

bridal henna tattoo designs

Henna Application and Design by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus). This photograph shows henna stain on Day 4 after henna was applied.
Gulf Style Henna Henna Applied by

henna lotus flower designs

Henna Applied by Ranjana Patel (Melodic Lotus). Design by Ranjana Patel. This Photo was taken on day of application with past still left on.
original henna tattoo , butterfly and flowers , leg , ankle  lovely tattoo for

henna for leg

lovely tattoo for summer time
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